NMR Method Development

In this program, we are looking to expand and improve the array of current NMR spectroscopic techniques by development of new or alternative pulse sequence elements. While still in it’s early days, this program is targetting improvements in NMR experiments – namely higher resolution, more sensitivity, faster acquisition or just plan more information being packed into one spectrum.

Our first foray into this field was a simple but potentially very powerful improvement to EXSIDE called “SelEXSIDE” from Godira Tatolo – which allows us to measure a specific 1H-13C coupling constants in only 5-10 minutes….. this can then be used in structure determination (just like 1H-1H coupling constants) to work out stereochemistry and conformation of molecules. Ikenna Ndukwe then nudged the boundaries further on this work with his IMPRESS modification which allows multiple SelEXSIDE spectra to be recorded simultaneously.

More recently Iyke has reported a novel approach to burst-sampled NUS, which EXtends ACquisitionT (EXACT) in a variety of NMR techniques to substantially improve the resolution (and sometimes sensitivity) which can be achieved in a variety of methods  currently HOBS, EXSIDE and HSQC have been modifed in this way.