Iyke joins the group

Ikenna Edward Ndukwe has joined us from his native Nigeria to undertake his PhD research making Improvements (we hope!) to Small Molecule NMR Experiments. Welcome to the mad-house Iyke – we hope you enjoy it!

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Automated 3D Structure Elucidation – Dream or Reality…..?

Some of our ongoing work in Automated 3D Structure Elucidation – directly from NMR data – has been discussed in an article in the RSCs “Chemistry World”. We’ve included a video demonstration of our the prototype software in action – which you can now view here:

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Lies, D*mned lies and citations…..

Wok_Citation_Report2 One can never take citations as the sole arbiter of quality or recognition in academic science, but on the other hand one should never miss the chance to blow a trumpet! Catharine’s recent JOC paper is currently the 5th most cited 2012 paper in Journal of Organic Chemistry (see the screenshot image from Web of Knowledge)….. A similar glance at her recent publications reveal that her Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry paper last year holds a similar top-10 position amongst 2011 BJOC papers….. Not bad at all…….

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Paul passes his viva!

Congratulations to Paul Brown, who passed his PhD viva with flying colours (or at least, they didn’t throw him out!) and is now ready to skip across the ditch to his post-doctoral position in Boston in the new year. He’s had a great PhD – supervised by Julian Eastoe and myself (I’ll take the credit, while Julian did the hard work), undertaken some fantastic research, developed his own and his colleagues skills enormously and published profusely (with a couple more on their way…. watch this space).
Congrat’s mate – sorry to see you go!

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From Magnetic Surfactants to Magnetic Emulsions and Beyond…..

Paul has just had another paper accepted – entitled “Microemulsions as tunable nanomagnets” (DOI: 10.1039/C2SM26827B) – in Soft Matter this month. Congrats Paul – that is 5 papers in 2012!

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Paul is at it again….

Hot on the heels of magneto-emulsions, Paul has now had a manuscript accepted into Advanced Materials (“Magnetizing DNA and Proteins Using Responsive Surfactants”) looking at manipulating biomaterials with his magical magnetic IL surfactants. Well done Paul!

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Catharine Speaking at SMASH2012 in Providence, Rhode Island

Catharine will be presenting her work on NOE-distance measurements at SMASH2012 (http://www.smashnmr.org/) where she is speaking in a session entitled “Beyond Conventional NMR Experiments for Determination of Configuration” with a few unknowns (Griesinger, Reggelin, Giraudeau)……. Not a bad job if you can get it.

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Paul racks up his 5th paper…..

Paul Brown has had his fifth paper accepted. ‘Magnetic Emulsions with Responsive Surfactants’ will be coming to Soft Matter in the very near future. This report continues a series of papers on liquid salts/surfactants which Paul has uncovered, that demonstrated … Continue reading

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Godira has been accepted for a talk!

Godira has been accepted to present her recently published work on doubly band-selective EXSIDE at the Royal Society of Chemistry, NMR Discussion Group postgraduate meeting being held on May 14th. Catharine will also be presenting a poster there, covering her … Continue reading

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Godira’s first paper! Measuring C-H coupling constants in just a few minutes.

It is a first paper accepted for Godira Tatolo¬†– “SelEXSIDE¬†– Fast and Easy Measurement of Multiple-Bond 1H,13C Coupling Constants for Stereochemical Analysis.” will be coming out in Organic Letters soon….. Godira has shown that we can measure proton-carbon coupling constants … Continue reading

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