Comings and Goings

So it’s been a hectic couple of months, and this is a little late, but the group has stepped forward another year, and there have been a few changes recently:

Godi passed her PhD viva back in September and left us in October to return to Botswana – she will be truly missed, but her return to the NMR lab and family/friends in Botswana has certainly put a smile on her face!

Claire Dickson  has joined us for her PhD, sponsored by C4X Discovery, and is rapidly learning the ins-and-outs of nJCH measurements, a bit of synthesis and now Xray crystallography…. she’s in for a fun few years!

Tom Leman hasn’t quite got around to leaving yet – in fact he’s signed up for another year of NMR, undertaking an MSci(Res) looking at new ‘Karplus equations’ for 2-bond CH couplings… he’s already turned up a couple of interesting empirical facts, so we’re looking forward to seeing where this all goes.

Lydia, Alice, Toby and Ben have also joined the ranks to undertake their final year research projects being overseen by Jess, Tom, Claire and Iyke respectively…. somebody save them…….

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