Industrially-sponsored PhD Studentship available

The following post has now been filled. Thanks to all those who expressed interest.

We have a PhD studentship available, in collaboration with C4X Discovery investigating “Spectrum to Structure – Improving NMR methods to solve 3D molecular structure in solution”.

Background: Ligand-based drug design relies very heavily on understanding and mimicking the 3D structure and dynamics of molecules in solution. Even with modern NMR methods however, working out conformation (and stereochemistry if it is unknown) is often a challenge to both chemists and spectroscopists alike – and when you have a flexible molecule with multiple conformations, the challenge increases by an order of magnitude.

Project Outline: This project will develop new NMR-based methods to elucidate 3D molecular structure – primarily targeting new experimental approaches and treatments of H-C couplings and NOEs, allowing improvements to the advanced computational technologies developed by C4X Discovery to target drug-like molecules of interest. During the PhD, you will work with a mixture of NMR method development, data analysis, computational chemistry, and it will include a multi-month placement at C4X Discovery to apply your results in their drug discovery program.

Informal enquiries can be directed to

You can apply from here

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