Craig Abroad

Craig spent 5 weeks away in Australia and New Zealand from November-January, including giving talks at:

ANZMAG2011  Thanks to Francis Separovic for putting on a superb conference. In addition to catching up with some old friends, it was great to meet a whole new brigade of NMR bods including Melanie Britten,  John Hanna, James Hook, Don Thomas, Wolfgang Jahnke and plenty more I’ve forgotten to mention.

University of Sydney Thanks to Chris McErlean for hosting me during a really entertaining day (and evening!). I hope the talk repaid your fantastic hospitality in some way.

University of New South Wales Thanks to Jason Harper and Chuan Zhao for looking after me so well, despite being bumped off the podium by a Nobel Prize winner (and some painful re-scheduling of flights by Qantas/JetStar). It was a fantastic day visiting James and Don in the NMR lab and talking ionic liquid chemistry with the real chemists *grin*.

University of Canterbury Thanks Sarah McMaster for welcoming me home to Canterbury (coming over from Edinburgh to do it was above and beyond the call!), with a nostalgic and pretty amazing day looking at the Department of Chemistry driving forward despite more than a year of constant earthquakes (10,000 and still counting!). John Blunt provided us with a new project (Godira – this one is for you!) and the boss (aka Professor  Michael Hartshorn) reminded me that I still don’t know it all…..

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